Tuesday, December 13, 2005

this very moment

The most important moment in your life is the present time. This is the time to look within and experience God. There is no other. You cannot wait for a better place, another better time, another better person to be with to experience God. This is the very moment.


If you want to attain the Truth, do your sadhana. Meditate regularly. Cherish the inner flame. Make it grow…When the Kundalini awakens, the fire of knowledge arises within. With the fire of knowledge, you attain the abode of the Truth.

Kundalini - 2

When the Kundalini has finished her work and is stabilized in the sahasrara, you become completely immersed in God. All your impurities and coverings are destroyed, and you take complete rest in the Self..To attain this we should meditate..This is the fruit of inner yoga.


Just as you create a very strong box to hold something precious...you naturally want to create within yourself the perfect conditions for this sublime energy [kundalini]. You want to help it unfold and expand. You make an effort...it fans the fire within.

If you learn how to pay attention to the awakened Kundalini, She continually guides you. She is a living torch that guides you on your path.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meditation ??

Meditation is the self-effort that can improve your destiny. That's why you should meditate. Thats why you must do Sadhna.

Little efforts

Become anchored in your meditation practice. Even if you think you don't have deep meditations, you should still make the effort … When people make the effort of learning to quiet the mind and body, that very effort becomes sweet.

Be a mumukshu

Mumukshutva is the determination to attain liberation. It is the burning desire that makes a person seek the truth. Such a person is called a mumukshu, one who…wants to break through all the barriers that keep him chained to his own limitations…. He is determined to become one with the Truth…. Be a mumukshu.
It is important to take care of the inner Shakti. Once it has been awakened by the Guru, you should practice meditation regularly, repeat the mantra given by the Guru, lead a disciplined life, and in that way enhance your inner power.

It is very important that you understand the value of your own sadhana…all the hard work you have done, all the times you have thought of God, all the experiences of the Self you have had, all the times your mind has been at peace. You must value your sadhana; it is your hard-earned spiritual wealth.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Natural meditation

Natural meditation is familiar to us all. When as kids we used to lie in the grass on our back and stare up at the clouds and the sky, losing ourselves, forgetting ourselves, we experienced and learned many things -- whether or not we were conscious of it. Or looking at the ocean's waves, listening to a waterfall, or staring at a candle flame, a blazing fire in the hearth, or a bonfire -- dissolving in the natural elemental energy of fire, water, wind, and being washed or burnt away while being transported far beyond our limited selves. This is the principle of natural meditation. It is not at all foreign to us. These are also some of the simple, practical essentials of nature mysticism.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Approach the Masters

How must you approach the Master, a child, …God’s creation? With humility, respect, and the attitude of service. You must relinquish the thought ‘Give me! Give me what I want!’ Instead, approach with the attitude, ‘What can I give? What can I do for you?’ That is when your heart opens.

When you see your own inner Self everywhere, then, wherever you go, everything flourishes. Your own heart and mind are influenced by the way you look at others….For as many moments as you are able to look upon others as divine, as manifestations of God, during those same moments you will experience a most amazing inner bliss.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


If you want to do something great with your life, if you want to experience the Truth, to see Guru within yourself, you must put forth effort.

One’s whole life should become sadhana, spiritual pursuit….Be aware of this: whatever I am doing, I am doing for the sake of inner Consciousness. I am alive for inner Consciousness. Over and over again, make yourself aware of this….This is called sadhana

New year Greetings

Dear taantrik, yogis, sadhaks and shishya,
Greetings and much love to you! My name is Swami Yogaananda and I offer seva as a meditation teacher. As the year 2005 comes to a close and the dawn of 2006 is on the horizon, I’m happy to be writing to you about the Message for 2006.

The taantrik.org conveys the invaluable teachings of Siddha Master Dinesh Narayan. It is a cornerstone of study and sadhana for yogis of all ages. Near the end of each year, we often reflect on how we have implemented these teachings in our life during the year, and how, as a result, we have transformed our state of being. We also begin to anticipate the focus of study for the coming year and how we will put it into practice.

The sudden Stop

Havent think much about that. The basics of success is the rule I call 'The sudden stop'. Basic theory is thought less mind. Stop now just now thinking or doing any thing just stop.Relax.How did you feel about that.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tsunami or BAD KARMA

I am disappointed with the pontifications about karma that pundits have recently subjected us to in the media. December's tsunami is no ones fault and blame should not be ascribed to peoples or individuals, either individually or collectively. It seems uncompassionate to me to use on the victims of a natural disaster the whip of theories such as the law of karma -- a profound concept that is in any case mostly misunderstood, and often misapplied.

Nor does God need to get a bad rap for it. These things happen. What we learn from it seems to me to be the main thing.

It is extremely difficult for us to grok the complex workings either of God, if you like the theistic view, or of karma--conditioning, interdependence and causation -- if you subscribe to eastern thought. The historical teacher named Buddha himself said one would have to be omniscient to understand all the interwoven causes, circumstances and conditions at play in any single event. God's acts are also said by sages and saints to be unknowable and mysterious. This is a learning opportunity rather than a preaching one.

The main thing, I think, is that we learn from experience, and this helps us to wise up, to open our hearts and minds, and loosen prejudice and self-centered grasping, which changes everything, at least for us and those around us. Conscious inner work and spiritual practice can and does transform things, and does so on many levels.

We can work for a better world from outside in as well as from inside out. We must do what we can. We can learn to both act and understand better, and we must