Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New year Greetings

Dear taantrik, yogis, sadhaks and shishya,
Greetings and much love to you! My name is Swami Yogaananda and I offer seva as a meditation teacher. As the year 2005 comes to a close and the dawn of 2006 is on the horizon, I’m happy to be writing to you about the Message for 2006.

The taantrik.org conveys the invaluable teachings of Siddha Master Dinesh Narayan. It is a cornerstone of study and sadhana for yogis of all ages. Near the end of each year, we often reflect on how we have implemented these teachings in our life during the year, and how, as a result, we have transformed our state of being. We also begin to anticipate the focus of study for the coming year and how we will put it into practice.

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