Tuesday, December 13, 2005

this very moment

The most important moment in your life is the present time. This is the time to look within and experience God. There is no other. You cannot wait for a better place, another better time, another better person to be with to experience God. This is the very moment.


If you want to attain the Truth, do your sadhana. Meditate regularly. Cherish the inner flame. Make it grow…When the Kundalini awakens, the fire of knowledge arises within. With the fire of knowledge, you attain the abode of the Truth.

Kundalini - 2

When the Kundalini has finished her work and is stabilized in the sahasrara, you become completely immersed in God. All your impurities and coverings are destroyed, and you take complete rest in the Self..To attain this we should meditate..This is the fruit of inner yoga.


Just as you create a very strong box to hold something precious...you naturally want to create within yourself the perfect conditions for this sublime energy [kundalini]. You want to help it unfold and expand. You make an effort...it fans the fire within.

If you learn how to pay attention to the awakened Kundalini, She continually guides you. She is a living torch that guides you on your path.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meditation ??

Meditation is the self-effort that can improve your destiny. That's why you should meditate. Thats why you must do Sadhna.

Little efforts

Become anchored in your meditation practice. Even if you think you don't have deep meditations, you should still make the effort … When people make the effort of learning to quiet the mind and body, that very effort becomes sweet.

Be a mumukshu

Mumukshutva is the determination to attain liberation. It is the burning desire that makes a person seek the truth. Such a person is called a mumukshu, one who…wants to break through all the barriers that keep him chained to his own limitations…. He is determined to become one with the Truth…. Be a mumukshu.
It is important to take care of the inner Shakti. Once it has been awakened by the Guru, you should practice meditation regularly, repeat the mantra given by the Guru, lead a disciplined life, and in that way enhance your inner power.

It is very important that you understand the value of your own sadhana…all the hard work you have done, all the times you have thought of God, all the experiences of the Self you have had, all the times your mind has been at peace. You must value your sadhana; it is your hard-earned spiritual wealth.