Sunday, February 19, 2006


He epitomises true knowledge, all the sciences and total divinity. He is the Supreme Soul. Music has emanated from his voice. And it is He who incarnates in the form of Ram and Krishna. The name of Swami Sachchidanand is the greatest Mantra and a symbol of Totality.

Obstacles For a Sadhak

It is necessary for a new initiate in the world of Sadhanas not to be frustrated or lose hope by the initial failures. This is a wonderful article for the new Sadhaks which they shall find really heartening and encouraging.

All Sadhanas and spiritual practices have a particular sequence and process. Till all rules are not followed success in Sadhanas remains doubtful. Sometimes success remains elusive to a Sadhak even after hard work. This could be due to the bad Karmas of one's past lives,

Sometimes we also see evil and corrupt individuals earning respect, fame and wealth in life. On the other hand those devoted to the Lord are seen suffering from pain and sorrow.


The biggest obstacle to success in any field is bad health. A person can successfully accomplish Sadhanas only when he is perfectly healthy and free from diseases. It is almost impossible to attain to success in Sadhanas through the medium of an unhealthy body. Hence one should be punctual in sleeping, rising, eating etc so that the body could be always fit. Natural healthy food, regular exercise and Yogic postures or Asans go a long way in keeping the body healthy.


The second obstacle is unhygienic food that not only corrupts the health rather also gives rise to worry and mental disturbance. This is why our ancient texts stress so much on the purity of the food one consumes. There is a saying in the texts - Jaisa Ann Vaisa Mann!

Eating Taamsik and Raajsik food leads to lust, anger, greed, infatuation, arrogance and jealousy. It leads to loss of physical and mental health. Thus a Sadhak could deviate from path of Sadhanas. So one should eat pure and less food.


One's stars might have planned a poverty ridden life for the individual and accomplishing Sadhana for wealth would mean fighting against Nature. This struggle could result in a sudden rise in spendings in the beginning. And naturally some Sadhaks might start to doubt the efficacy of the Mantra and the Sadhanas. They might become doubtful whether Gods and Goddesses are actually there or they would ever appear before them. There might be doubts whether t he Sadhana is correct or the Yantra being used is actually Mantra energised. They start to think that if the Sadhana or Mantra were efficacious then the result would have manifested.Because success has not accrued there must be something wrong with the Sadhana or maybe the Guru has guided us wrong. Doubts start to assail their minds and as a result the Sadhak gives up the Sadhana even before he begins it. And even if they do accomplish the Sadhana they do it filled with doubts due to which they are not able to succeed.

Changing Gurus

It is the greatest fortune for a disciple to find a Sadguru in his life. A Guru is needed in life to guide the Sadhak onto the path of Sadhanas, to help him overcome obstacles on the path of Sadhanas and to instil divine energy into him in order to overcome problems. The Yogis who are expert in the science of Tantra state that through Diksha obtained from a Guru a Sadhak gains divinity and all his sins are absolved.

Changing Gurus frequently also leads to problems in Sadhanas. Although all Sadhanas lead to the same goal yet the paths are different. Today you might start Prannayam and tomorrow on advice of some other person you could take to Hatth Yoga. Third day you might even give up Yoga and start chanting some Mantra and fourth day you might take to listening to divine discourses. Wandering from one path to another or changing Gurus cannot help one make progress.


One big obstacle for a Sadhak on the path of spiritualism is fame. When people living around realise that a Sadhak has successfully accomplished a particular Sadhana they become devoted towards him. They start to give him regard through their words and gestures. The Sadhak too is but a human being and he too likes to be respected and honoured. When he gets these from the society he starts to crave for more and more. As a result he forgets his aim of worshipping the Supreme and joins the race of earning more fame and name. This results in loss of Sadhana power. He loses his innocence, humility and becomes arrogant. Purity of mind and heart is lost and one is filled with anger and false pride. So a Sadhak should never reveal his powers to the society. One must rise high in the spiritual world and not in the material world. This is the real way to progress.


Another obstacle on path of spiritualism is sex. Until there is enough energy in Sadhak's body he cannot succeed in Sadhanas. One needs power of the physical body, mind, senses and soul and this energy is conserved and boosted through Brahmacharya or celibacy. Hence a Sadhak should not indulge in excess sex. He should shun negative company and not eat food that could delude the senses and lead to loss of celibacy.

Even the married Sadhaks should observe celibacy as much as they could, to preserve vital energy. More one restrains oneself more the energy that builds up and faster one succeeds in Sadhanas.

Lord Hanuman remained a celibate throughout life and as a result he had immense physical strength. He was brave, powerful and very spiritual. He was most devoted to the Lord. He possessed all knowledge and all divine powers called Siddhis. It was due to these powers that he could assume a giant form or become smaller than even a fly. When crossing the ocean on his way to Lanka he assumed a huge form and jumped over the ocean. And when entering Lanka in order to avoid being detected he assumed a form smaller than a fly.


The Sadhak who does not become free of material wishes has to face many obstacles on the path of Sadhanas. Wishing and desiring leads to anger, infatuation and greed and as a result the Sadhak loses his balance of mind. Hence once should always keep the mind free of desires.

Criticising others

Finding faults in others is the biggest obstacle for a Sadhak. A Sadhak should not waste his time in such activities and not worry what others are doing. The Sadhak should always remain concentrated in his own Sadhanas so that there is no time left for such useless activities.

Those who fall into habit of criticising others cannot progress well in Sadhanas, for they are wasting a lot of their thought power in a useless exercise.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beautiful eyes

If you think my eyes are beautiful,
Its beacause they are looking at you.

one life

One life.
And one alone you have to live upon this little earth.
One life in which you have to learn so much.
One life to seek , find and prove your worth.
Now its up to you to squander the time you got or spend it with care.
To use your life or waste it in fruit less quests that get you nowhere.

Dont ever forget it

Many times in our lives we are dropped crumpled and grounf into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way, We feel as though we are worthless but no matter what has happened or what will happen.
You will never lose your value dirty or clean crumpled or finely ceasrd .
You are still priceless to those who love you.The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know but by who we are special .Dont ever forget it.


You have to stand up with determination, you have to come to me with devotion, you have to face this world with courage, you have to destroy all problems of life with the weapon of Sadhanas. You have to attack all problems in life without compassion and with full strength. Only then shall your ancestors bless you, only then shall you be a true human, only then shall the divine Ganga flow through your life. All this is possible only through the medium of Sadhanas.

Effective !

These Sadhanas and their Mantras are effective even today. All one needs is a Guru who is proficient in this science. Only he can show you the path and fill you with enthusiasm and courage. Only he can make you conscious. Only he can teach you Sadhanas through which one can get rid of poverty, overcome one's weakness , defeat one's enemies , face all problems and destroy all obstacles that lie in one's way.

You sure can do all this because you have a powerful Guru who possesses the power of Sadhanas to guide you. He is not seated hidden in some cave in the Himalayas. He is not out of your reach. He is not very far from you. It is your good fortune that he is so near to you and so easily available.But to benefit from him you have to reach him, you have to be filled with determination, you have to have faith in him and you have to devote your time and energy in Sadhanas.

How to overcome Problems - I

The ancient texts clearly state - Mantraadheenaashcha Devataa i.e. gods can be controlled only through Mantras. It is only through the chanting of Mantras that they can be propitiated and compelled to appear. It is only through Mantras that their help can be sought and their powers used to remove problems of life.

How gods are pleased

Gods are not pleased by singing of hymns or ringing of bells. You might well feel light and forget all your worries for a few moments by singing hymns and dancing. But this is no way of getting rid of problems of life, obstacles, enemies, diseases and tensions. Thus one cannot gain the capability of looking straight into the eyes of death.I am not stopping you from going to temples or singing hymns. All these are necessary in life but they cannot improve your life. They cannot bring totality in life. Totality is possible only through the medium of Sadhanas.

overcoming the problems

I know that meditation or Dhyan is a very wonderful process. Entering into the self is an amazing experience but when the mind is disturbed, when the thoughts are not in control then what would be the use of sitting with closed eyes? It would be like hiding one's head in sand as an ostrich does in the face of danger. Having buried its head in sand the poor bird thinks that it is safe from the predator. But the very next moment it becomes easy prey and with it ends its false hope and life.

When we feel fully content, when there is no worry that could disturb us, when we are capable of kicking at problems and when we are free of all tensions then only can we successfully enter into Dhyan. It is only then that one can interact with the self. Hence meditation is possible only when there are no problems in life, no enemies to disturb one's peace of mind and no obstacles in life. And overcoming all these is possible only through Sadhanas.

Banish poverty

You have to face challenges and stand up against all odds. You should have an intensity in your eyes, a determination on your face. And this shall happen when you have the weapon of Sadhanas in your possession. It is only through Sadhanas that one can gain vitality, courage and enthusiasm. With the weapon of Sadhanas you can destroy all the enemies of your life. With this formidable weapon you can overcome all your foes. You can completely banish poverty from your life and overcome all problems, obstacles and tensions.

The true basis of human life

Just be repeating Ram, Ram you won't achieve such heights. Just by singing hymns you won't become immortal, just by beating drums and cymbals you won't be able to make the entire universe your home. Religion has nothing to do with this science. Religion and Sadhanas are two different paths. Only the later leads to totality in life. Totality, completeness and the highest level of success in spiritual world can be attained only by following the path of Sadhanas. This is the real goal of your life, this should be your only aim and it is for the achievement of this goal that you have been born on this earth. This is the true basis of human life.

Your birth

Your birth is no ordinary event. The Lord has brought you into this world with a special purpose. You do not have to lead an animal existence. I know the aim of your life. And if you ask me then you do not belong to some particular region or place rather you are the son of the earth and the entire world is your home. Now you have to progress ahead and make the entire universe your home. You won't achieve anything living an ordinary life on earth, Thus you won't be able to achieve that which is your true goal, your real aim. You real goal is to be able to freely travel through the entire universe. You should be able to go to any place in the universe without any problem.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Every time you breathe, know that it is a prayer. You are not just breathing because you have no other choice. You are breathing because it is a prayer. You synchronize the mantra with your breath as you breathe in and as you breathe out. You repeat the mantra. Breathing is a prayer. It is an offering to the Lord.
Sit silently for fifteen minutes in a corner, and listen to your breath filling and emptying your lungs. You will know your natural mantra and experience the result of its repetition.