Sunday, February 19, 2006


Another obstacle on path of spiritualism is sex. Until there is enough energy in Sadhak's body he cannot succeed in Sadhanas. One needs power of the physical body, mind, senses and soul and this energy is conserved and boosted through Brahmacharya or celibacy. Hence a Sadhak should not indulge in excess sex. He should shun negative company and not eat food that could delude the senses and lead to loss of celibacy.

Even the married Sadhaks should observe celibacy as much as they could, to preserve vital energy. More one restrains oneself more the energy that builds up and faster one succeeds in Sadhanas.

Lord Hanuman remained a celibate throughout life and as a result he had immense physical strength. He was brave, powerful and very spiritual. He was most devoted to the Lord. He possessed all knowledge and all divine powers called Siddhis. It was due to these powers that he could assume a giant form or become smaller than even a fly. When crossing the ocean on his way to Lanka he assumed a huge form and jumped over the ocean. And when entering Lanka in order to avoid being detected he assumed a form smaller than a fly.

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