Sunday, February 19, 2006

Changing Gurus

It is the greatest fortune for a disciple to find a Sadguru in his life. A Guru is needed in life to guide the Sadhak onto the path of Sadhanas, to help him overcome obstacles on the path of Sadhanas and to instil divine energy into him in order to overcome problems. The Yogis who are expert in the science of Tantra state that through Diksha obtained from a Guru a Sadhak gains divinity and all his sins are absolved.

Changing Gurus frequently also leads to problems in Sadhanas. Although all Sadhanas lead to the same goal yet the paths are different. Today you might start Prannayam and tomorrow on advice of some other person you could take to Hatth Yoga. Third day you might even give up Yoga and start chanting some Mantra and fourth day you might take to listening to divine discourses. Wandering from one path to another or changing Gurus cannot help one make progress.

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