Sunday, February 19, 2006


One's stars might have planned a poverty ridden life for the individual and accomplishing Sadhana for wealth would mean fighting against Nature. This struggle could result in a sudden rise in spendings in the beginning. And naturally some Sadhaks might start to doubt the efficacy of the Mantra and the Sadhanas. They might become doubtful whether Gods and Goddesses are actually there or they would ever appear before them. There might be doubts whether t he Sadhana is correct or the Yantra being used is actually Mantra energised. They start to think that if the Sadhana or Mantra were efficacious then the result would have manifested.Because success has not accrued there must be something wrong with the Sadhana or maybe the Guru has guided us wrong. Doubts start to assail their minds and as a result the Sadhak gives up the Sadhana even before he begins it. And even if they do accomplish the Sadhana they do it filled with doubts due to which they are not able to succeed.

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