Thursday, February 16, 2006

Effective !

These Sadhanas and their Mantras are effective even today. All one needs is a Guru who is proficient in this science. Only he can show you the path and fill you with enthusiasm and courage. Only he can make you conscious. Only he can teach you Sadhanas through which one can get rid of poverty, overcome one's weakness , defeat one's enemies , face all problems and destroy all obstacles that lie in one's way.

You sure can do all this because you have a powerful Guru who possesses the power of Sadhanas to guide you. He is not seated hidden in some cave in the Himalayas. He is not out of your reach. He is not very far from you. It is your good fortune that he is so near to you and so easily available.But to benefit from him you have to reach him, you have to be filled with determination, you have to have faith in him and you have to devote your time and energy in Sadhanas.

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