Sunday, February 19, 2006


One big obstacle for a Sadhak on the path of spiritualism is fame. When people living around realise that a Sadhak has successfully accomplished a particular Sadhana they become devoted towards him. They start to give him regard through their words and gestures. The Sadhak too is but a human being and he too likes to be respected and honoured. When he gets these from the society he starts to crave for more and more. As a result he forgets his aim of worshipping the Supreme and joins the race of earning more fame and name. This results in loss of Sadhana power. He loses his innocence, humility and becomes arrogant. Purity of mind and heart is lost and one is filled with anger and false pride. So a Sadhak should never reveal his powers to the society. One must rise high in the spiritual world and not in the material world. This is the real way to progress.

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