Thursday, February 16, 2006

overcoming the problems

I know that meditation or Dhyan is a very wonderful process. Entering into the self is an amazing experience but when the mind is disturbed, when the thoughts are not in control then what would be the use of sitting with closed eyes? It would be like hiding one's head in sand as an ostrich does in the face of danger. Having buried its head in sand the poor bird thinks that it is safe from the predator. But the very next moment it becomes easy prey and with it ends its false hope and life.

When we feel fully content, when there is no worry that could disturb us, when we are capable of kicking at problems and when we are free of all tensions then only can we successfully enter into Dhyan. It is only then that one can interact with the self. Hence meditation is possible only when there are no problems in life, no enemies to disturb one's peace of mind and no obstacles in life. And overcoming all these is possible only through Sadhanas.

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