Thursday, October 01, 2009


Dronacharya refused to instruct Ekalavya in the science of archery on the grounds that the boy did not belong to the warrior (kshatriya) caste; he was a tribal boy from the forest. Ekalavya went back to his village, made a clay image of Drona and worshipped it with such concentration and dedication that he was able to imbibe all of Drona's skills and teachings, even the most secret.

One day a dog ran through the ashram of Drona with arrows shot between its teeth but the dog was not hurt or wounded. This wonder was seen by everyone. Drona asked who had done it. Only an expert like himself could have done so. Everyone searched the area for the master archer and finally came across Ekalavya.

"Where did you learn such skillful archery?" asked Drona.
Ekalavya showed Drona the clay image that he had been worshipping.
"Though you rejected me, I did not reject you and have learned by your grace," replied Ekalavya.

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