Friday, October 02, 2009


Gauba was an illiterate and voracious boy who loved a kind of sweet called puranpoli. He used to nag his poor, widowed mother for the sweets all of the time. Finally, out of disgust and desperation,she took him to the house of the great saint Eknath and requested him to look after the boy and told him about the boy's craziness for puranpolis. Eknath saw some dorment spirituality in the boy and accepted him as a disciple. In
Eknath's house he was able to get puranpolis everyday and therefore was given the name Puranpolya.

He became extremely devoted to Eknath and served and worshipped him at all times.Eknath had been writing a commentary on the Ramayana called the Bhavartha Ramayana.Now he knew that the time for his departure from this world had arrived, but he had still not finished the book. Touching Puranpolya's head, Eknath transmitted his spiritual power to him. After Eknath's departure, Puranpolya completed the commentary and his verses were virtually indistinguishable from those written by his Guru.

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