Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Two men once came to a Mahatma named Shibli for initiation. The saint saw that one was deserving and the other was not. He therefore told them to come to him separately, since each would have to be dealt with differently.

When the first one came, the swami asked him to recite a verse in praise of God. "What would you like me to say?" asked the man. "God is One; there is none except Him; and Shibli is His prophet" said Shibli.

"O God, save me from this!" shouted the man. "Why do you speak like this? What do you mean? Are you out of your mind?" The saint said, "Please, friend, why do you speak like this?"

Without hesitation, the man said, "Why, it is perfectly plain to see. What are you? Nothing but a common sadhu. There are hundreds like you, without any particular greatness. Yet you claim to be a holy prophet of God Himself. And now, you imposture, why did you utter such words?" demanded the man.

"I uttered them because I was almost on the point of giving away a priceless gift to an undeserving person. My friend, you should not have come to me. It would be better if you would go to some priest in a temple," said the saint with great kindness.

When the second man came, Shibli asked him to repeat the same verse. "O, what a great pity! If you are only a prophet, then I have no need of you," said the man. "What was it then, that you were seeking, brother?" asked the saint. "Why, I was looking for one who is one with God. I have been told that such God-men exist and that they can teach their disciples how to become one with God. I heard that you were one such man, but now it turns out that you are only a prophet."

Sadly, the man turned to go. Shibli then touched him on the shoulder and the man experienced a deep ecstacy. Shibli said to him,"Brother, you are the deserving one for initiation. Have no doubts; I will initiate you into the mysteries of God." Only the Guru who is one with God deserves to be called a Guru and only such a one can take us to Him.

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